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Alpha has been operating in the construction area for over five years, having started its activities with the construction of solar plants. Over time, we expanded our services and realized the difficulty many companies face in finding qualified workers and other reliable companies to perform services quickly, with good quality and organization.

It was then that we decided to innovate and offer a solution to this problem: we selected the best qualified and agile professionals to carry out our construction services. With this approach, we were able to significantly increase our productivity and, consequently, generate more profit for our customers.

As a result, our clients were satisfied with our services and started referring us to other companies, which led us to open our own firm to meet this growing demand. Today, we are a consolidated company in the construction area, offering high quality and quick services to our customers.



Alpha offers customized services according to the needs of each client, including the availability of machine operators and manual workers. We are always looking for faster and cleaner ways to do each job, ensuring high quality and efficiency. Our objective is to contribute to the sustainable development of the construction sector, ensuring customer satisfaction.

painéis solares
Construction of
solar plants
  • Structuring: framing structures for solar panels

  • Installation of panels: installation of solar panels

  • Electrical connection: connection of electrical cables from the panels

  • Logistics and material distribution: management of materials needed for the construction of solar plants

canteiros de obras
Construction of
buildings and factories
  • People for concreting: specialized labor to carry out the concreting of constructions

  • Miscellaneous services: construction services in general, such as electrical installation, plumbing, painting, among others

  • Construction site cleaning: cleaning and organizing the area after construction

Arquiteto no canteiro de obras
demolition of
  • Demolition of houses or buildings: demolition of buildings

  • Material separation: separation of materials for recycling or proper disposal

  • Construction site cleaning: cleaning and organization of the area after demolition




For any information, questions or comments, please call: 090-8187-0379. Or fill in the form:

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Grand Chariot 4-1​, 619-11 Shinden-cho

Sasebo-shi Nagasaki-ken

Phone: (90) 8187-0379

Whatsapp: (90) 8187-0379


To work with us, please send your resume and information to:


To work with us, please send your resume and information to:

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